Sunday, December 2, 2007


As i stand in front of the mirror and stare at my reflection,i wonder if this the real me or one of my veiled personae .I gaze into those deep eyes and implore my conscience 'why on earth do we put up masks and that too a different one pertaining to various situations?'.I remember reading a poem in class 11 or 12 about a father asking his young son to make him unlearn all the usual societal norms and now i realize the true worth of that poem.What actually makes a man behave in a hypocritical manner.What makes us converse in slang lingo with our peers and in formal language with our superiors.Why do we have to don a new mask and act accordingly in different mind is brimming with such questions,so i decided to pen down this blog in my quest for answers.What is the basic human psychology behind all this?
I bet most of us loathe politics but what makes us give importance to the little politician hiding within all of us.At the end of the day if you sit back and analyze your behavior,you'll be amazed to realize how many masks you changed over(at least i was).I mean most of us are serious in front of our parents,cool with our friends and obediant in front of our teachers (well at least to some extent isn't it?).why can't we be our normal self throughout,why do we have to abide by the unwritten rules of the society and if we don't we are actually threatened with dire consequences.We have the live example of Taslima Nasreen,she ultimately had to withdraw 'controversial' pages from her book.Is this the price one has to pay for expressing our true feelings.Alas!! most of us have to or rather are made to succumb to the societal pressure .
In few years i"ll be ready to embark on a new journey into the corporate world and i don't know whether I"ll have to put up another persona to impress my boss.But one thing i can say for sure,I'll never ever let that little politician within empower me.